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Kibo’s Expansion: Welcoming New Talent and Unveiling Offices in Kloof, KZN

In the early months of 2024, Kibo has embarked on a journey of unprecedented growth and expansion. With the inauguration of our splendid new office in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, and the addition of exceptional new team members, the excitement within the Kibo family is palpable.

Meet Our Trailblazers

Let us introduce you to the remarkable individuals who have recently joined the ranks of Kibo. Each of them brings a unique blend of skills, experiences, and enthusiasm that perfectly aligns with Kibo’s vision for the future.

First, we have Anford Chiwara, a seasoned engineering professional with a wealth of experience under his belt. Explore his illustrious background, which is marked by noteworthy projects, challenges conquered, and successes achieved. Anford now assumes the esteemed position of Senior Engineer within our esteemed team.

Next, step into the realm of strategic client management with our new Account Relationship Managers, Sim Ntoni and Urvashi Hooseria. Experienced in the industry and with a proven track record in nurturing long-term client relationships, Sim and Urvashi are poised to play pivotal roles in bolstering our commitment to unparalleled growth and customer service.

A warm welcome is also extended to Alfred Nieuwenhuizen, our lead number cruncher and Accountant extraordinaire. Alfred’s extensive expertise promises to greatly enhance the efficiency and success of our accounts department.

Empowering Connectivity Solutions

At Kibo, we understand the critical importance of cutting-edge connectivity solutions in shaping a growing business. Whether it’s next-generation connectivity, managed voice services, cloud solutions, or network security, Kibo’s advanced business solutions empower both you and our team to collaborate seamlessly, fostering efficiency and driving innovation.

Embracing Growth and Collaboration

As we celebrate the inauguration of our new offices in Kloof and extend our heartfelt welcome to our exceptional new team members, we invite you to join us in this exciting chapter of growth, collaboration, and limitless possibilities. Together, we are not merely expanding our physical footprint; we are also expanding our collective potential. And rest assured, the best is yet to come on this exhilarating journey with Kibo.

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